Author image Shannon Eric Peevey

Changes for version 0.39

  • bcw - Modified to account for proxy redirection that could result in the get_remote_host() fctn always returning <changes noted below>
  • bcw - I have modified the module to return DECLINED rather than OK. This allows other various authenTication schemes to operate. <changes noted below>
  • bcw - Added a new configuration PerlSetVar variable "TimeoutPurge". This variable specifies the number of hours to wait before considering a timeout file to be too old to have come from the same session. This allows for someone to successfully use the AuthExpire to implement session timeouts and clean up old authentication timeout files after an extended period of time has elapsed.
  • speeves - updated my contact information and included Brandon's patches
    • fixed README and added up-to-date information
    • Added PerlSetVar variable 'AllowAlternateAuth' to allow for you to chain authenhandlers...
    • moved the dir_config variable declarations to the top of the handler subroutine and cleaned up the code that needed it in response to these changes
    • modified proxy patch to check for _any_ proxy server and return "real" client address
    • added PerlSetVar variable 'TimeFileDir' to allow you to specify an alternate location for your timeout files
    • added a lot of documentation with more information on each feature, as well as installation information.
    • changed the timeout file default directory to <SERVERROOT>/logs/authexpire
    • updated the README to reflect the new changes.


mod_perl handler to provide Authentication time limits on .htaccess protected pages.