package Apache::AuthenPasswd;

use strict;
use mod_perl;

$Apache::AuthenPasswd::VERSION = '0.12';

# setting the constants to help identify which version of mod_perl
# is installed
use constant MP2 => ($mod_perl::VERSION >= 1.99);

# test for the version of mod_perl, and use the appropriate libraries
        if (MP2) {
                require Apache::Const;
                require Apache::Access;
                require Apache::Connection;
                require Apache::Log;
                require Apache::RequestRec;
                require Apache::RequestUtil;
                Apache::Const->import(-compile => 'HTTP_UNAUTHORIZED','OK');
        } else {
                require Apache::Constants;

sub handler {
    my $r = shift;
    my($res, $sent_pwd) = $r->get_basic_auth_pw;
    return $res if $res; #decline if not Basic

    my $name = MP2 ? $r->user : $r->connection->user;

    if ($name eq "") {
        MP2 ?  $r->log_error("Apache::AuthenPasswd - no username given", $r->uri) : $r->log_reason("Apache::AuthenPasswd - no username given", $r->uri);
        return MP2 ? Apache::HTTP_UNAUTHORIZED : Apache::Constants::HTTP_UNAUTHORIZED;

    my ($user, $passwd, $uid, $gid, $quota, $comment, $gcos, $dir, $shell) = getpwnam $name;

    unless ($user) {
	MP2 ? $r->log_error("Apache::AuthenPasswd - user $name: unknown", $r->uri) : $r->log_reason("Apache::AuthenPasswd - user $name: unknown", $r->uri);
        return MP2 ? Apache::HTTP_UNAUTHORIZED : Apache::Constants::HTTP_UNAUTHORIZED;

    if(crypt($sent_pwd, $passwd) eq $passwd) {
	return MP2 ? Apache::OK : Apache::Constants::OK;
    } else {
	MP2 ? $r->log_error("Apache::AuthenPasswd - user $name: bad password", $r->uri) : $r->log_reason("Apache::AuthenPasswd - user $name: bad password", $r->uri);
        return MP2 ? Apache::HTTP_UNAUTHORIZED : Apache::Constants::HTTP_UNAUTHORIZED;

	return MP2 ? Apache::OK : Apache::Constants::OK;



=head1 NAME

Apache::AuthenPasswd - mod_perl /etc/passwd Authentication module


    <Directory /foo/bar>
    # This is the standard authentication stuff
    AuthName "Foo Bar Authentication"
    AuthType Basic

    PerlAuthenHandler Apache::AuthenPasswd

    # Standard require stuff, /etc/passwd users or /etc/group groups, and
    # "valid-user" all work OK
    require user username1 username2 ...
    require group groupname1 groupname2 ... # [Need Apache::AuthzPasswd]
    require valid-user

    # The following is actually only needed when authorizing
    # against /etc/group. This is a separate module.
    PerlAuthzHandler Apache::AuthzPasswd


    These directives can also be used in the <Location> directive or in
    an .htaccess file.


        **************** NOTICE *********************
        Please, please, realize that this module will
        only work with passwords that are stored in
        /etc/passwd.  Most systems use shadow
        passwords now, and the call that this module
        uses to access the password ONLY checks for
        the password in the /etc/passwd file.  Also,
        the call that is needed to access passwords
        in /etc/shadow cannot be called by anyone
        other than root, so, (unless you are crazy
        enough to run apache as root), you will not
        be able to access /etc/shadow.

        For more info on shadow passwords:

        For alternatives that can access /etc/shadow from

This perl module is designed to work with mod_perl. It is a direct
adaptation (i.e. I modified the code) of Michael Parker's
(B<>) Apache::AuthenSmb module.

The module uses getpwnam to retrieve the B<passwd> entry from the
B</etc/passwd> file, using the supplied username as the search key.  It
then uses B<crypt()> to verify that the supplied password matches the
retrieved hashed password.

= head2 Apache::AuthenPasswd vs. Apache::AuthzPasswd

I've taken "authentication" to be meaningful only in terms of a user and
password combination, not group membership.  This means that you can use
Apache::AuthenPasswd with the B<require user> and B<require valid-user>
directives.  In the /etc/passwd and /etc/group context I consider B<require
group> to be an "authorization" concern.  I.e., group authorization
consists of establishing whether the already authenticated user is a member
of one of the indicated groups in the B<require group> directive.  This
process may be handled by B<Apache::AuthzPasswd>.  Admittedly, AuthzPasswd
is a misnomer, but I wanted to keep AuthenPasswd and AuthzPasswd related,
if only by name.

I welcome any feedback on this module, esp. code improvements, given
that it was written hastily, to say the least.

=head1 AUTHOR

Demetrios E. Paneras <> and Shannon Eric Peevey <>


Copyright (c) 1998, 2003 Demetrios E. Paneras, MIT Media Laboratory.

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.