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Changes for version 0.87

  • SPOPS/Import.pm:
    • SP-5: Added property 'extra_metadata' to hold user-defined metadata for an import.
  • SPOPS/Import/DBI/Data.pm:
    • SP-5: When running 'assign_raw_data()' store the first element in the raw data in the new 'extra_metadata' property after first removing the data we need from it.
  • SPOPS/Import/DBI/Delete.pm:
    • SP-6: Add class for declaring records to delete through the import interface.
  • SPOPS/Import/DBI/GenericOperation.pm:
    • SP-6: add parent class for doing update/delete through the import interface.
  • SPOPS/Import/DBI/Update.pm:
    • SP-6: Add class for declaring records to update through the import interface.
  • SPOPS/SQLInterface.pm:
    • SP-7: Modify db_update() to allow additional data passed in 'value' parameter to be passed to the statement 'execute()' call so you can use placeholders in the WHERE clause of your update.
    • This is a completely backward-compatible modification as the changes are additive and we don't change any parameter without first making a copy.
  • t/40_ldap.t, t/41_ldap_config.t
    • Applied patches from Martin Kutter to work on a directory with schema checking enabled.
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