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Changes for version 0.012

  • Incompatible changes: • The parse_file method now uses HTML::Encoding to detect the encoding of the file, if given a file name, and if the encoding has not been set with the new ‘charset’ method or the constructor’s new ‘charset’ option. It used to assume ISO Latin 1. It still treats file handles the same way, though; that is, it assumes the file handle is produc- ing Unicode text (you have to ‘binmode’ to set the encoding if that’s not the case). New features: • The constructor now accepts a ‘charset’ option which is used by parse_file and by the make_request method of form form elements. • A ‘charset’ method has been added to HTML::DOM, which returns the encoding passed to the constructor or that parse_file used. You can also use it to set it. • parse_file’s return value is now useful: true upon success; false upon failure (to open the file) • Upward references in the object tree are now weak references. • I’ve started work on Level-2 HTML features. So far, • HTML::DOM::Interface lists HTMLOptionsCollection as a sepa- rate interface from HTMLCollection and • HTML::DOM::Collection::Options now throws an error if length is set. • A callback routine passed to event_attr_handler now receives the offset within the source of the attribute’s value as the fourth argument. • Attribute methods of elements now support implicit attri- butes (those with default values in the DTD). Bug fixes: • Suppressed an erroneous warning triggered in bleadperl (5.11 to be) by HTML::DOM::Element::Form’s inputs method. • HTML::DOM’s close method had an erroneous eval, which would catch errors that should have been propagated, in addition to the specific error it was intended to catch. • HTML::DOM::Collection::Option’s name and form_name_value methods no longer die when there are no options. • HTML::DOM::Element::Option’s text method now supports multi- ple child nodes, and no longer assumes that there is just one text node within the option. • In cases where the HTML DTD specifies a list of alternates for an attribute’s value, the corresponding DOM 0 methods return a normalised (lc) value. • HTML::DOM::Element’s removeAttributeNode method used to emit warnings when the node did not belong to the element and the element either had no attribute with the node’s name or an attribute that had never been accessed as a node.
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