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Changes for version 0.017

  • New features/miscellaneous changes: • innerHTML is now writable. • Mutation events are now triggered automatic- ally by HTML::DOM::Element’s various get/set/ removeAttribute(node) methods. It does not yet happen with the shorthand methods (those named after the attributes; aka the DOM Level 0 interface). • Modification of the contents of a text or comment node now triggers a DOMCharacterDataModified event. • The EventTarget interface is now a separate module from Node, so that anything can inherit from it. • Event attribute methods ($elem->onclick, etc.) have been added. • An Attr node can now be used as an EventTarget. • Assigning a value to an Attr node now modifies its child text node in place instead of replacing it. Bug fixes: • Modifying a style object (as returned by an element’s style method) now immediately causes the corresponding attribute to be updated. (It used only to be updated on calls to getAttribute[Node]). • Modifying an attribute node for the style attribute or its child text node now updates the corresponding style object. • The child text node of an attr node now has its parentNode set correctly. • HTML::DOM::Element’s removeAttribute and setAttributeNode methods no longer die when the attribute is set to some ran- dom object (e.g., $elem->setAttribute(foo => bless [])). • An element’s innerHTML method no longer includes the tags of the element itself (oops!); nor does it have a line break tacked on the end. • A node’s push_content method no longer dies when called with no arguments while the node is empty. • Direct changes to an event attribute node’s text node now reset the event handler, instead of leaving it as it is. (For those who don’t understand my obtuse jargon, this applies to $elem->getAttributeNode('onclick')->lastChild-> data("...").)
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