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Changes for version 0.020

  • Incompatible changes: • HTML::DOM’s defaultView attribute no longer has anything assigned to it by default. • The defaultView attribute now holds a weak reference to the view, and the view holds a strong reference to the document. New features: • HTML::DOM now has an event_parent method, with which you can add an object to the top of the event dispatch chain. • HTML::DOM::NodeList::Magic’s constructor is now officially public. (For those of you who read the source, it now accepts a second arg; which it didn’t before). Use this if you need to create a custom ‘live’ node list. • HTML::DOM now has an event_listeners_enabled method that allows event handlers to be disabled. (Default event han- dlers still run.) EventTarget uses this method, so any sub- class can implement it to achieve the same effect. Bug fixes: • HTML::DOM’s defaultView method and HTML::DOM::View’s docu- ment method now return empty list (as opposed to lists con- taining undef) if called in list context when there is no object assigned. • When there is no view object, HTML::DOM::Node’s trigger_event method no longer mangles the arguments passed to the superclass (preventing default actions and causing the event’s properties other than the event type not to be set). • innerHTML no longer dies when there are event attributes in the HTML code fed to it.
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