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Changes for version 0.034

  • Incompatible change: • Node insertion methods no longer produce WRONG_DOCUMENT_ERR errors. It turns out that every web browser (except IE 6) completely disregards the DOM spec in this regard. • When attr_event_listener was renamed event_handler, the old name was kept for temporary backward compatibility. The internals still used the old name, so subclasses overriding it would have to use it. Now the internals use the new name, so subclasses have to change. Bug fixes: • HTML::DOM’s title method no longer dies when the title ele- ment does not exist. • Event dispatch no longer leaves junk in $@. • Whitespace is now preserved when a <pre> element’s inner- HTML is assigned to. We fixed this by preserving all white- space everywhere, which is what web browsers do anyway. • The event handler wrapper that get_event_listeners returns no longer closes over the event target, but gets it from the event object passed as its first argument. This allows the listener to be used on another object (e.g., if a sub- class overrides get_event_listeners to retrieve listeners from another object). • getElementById now works when the element’s ID attribute is set to a reference.
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