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Changes for version 0.036

  • Incompatible change: • A newly-created HTML::DOM object no longer has html, head and body elements. These are not created until open, write or parse_file is called. New features: • New innerText method on HTML elements • css_url_fetcher used to have no return value. Now it returns a previously assigned callback function. • css_url_fetcher no longer clobbers an existing link element handler, because it now uses a new, separate mechanism. Bug fixes: • $elem->innerHTML now encodes HTML character entities in text nodes that are the element’s direct children. • Modifying the href attribute of a link element whose rel attribute is set to stylesheet now resets the style sheet. • The target and currentTarget methods of events now return empty lists (instead of lists containing undef) before event dispatch. • If an elem_handler removes the root element from the docu- ment, it no longer causes an error when HTML::DOM next tries to call an elem_handler. • parse_file no longer dies if called after ‘close’ or when the root element has been removed. • The close, innerHTML and elem_handler methods of the docu- ment no longer die if the root element has been removed. • HTML::DOM’s innerHTML (as opposed to Element’s) now returns an empty string when the document has no children. It used to return undef. Other changes: • HTML::DOM::Interface no longer lists HTML::DOM::TreeBuilder, as that internal-only class has gone.
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