Father Chrysostomos

Changes for version 0.03

  • • Error messages are now more verbose. MoneyWorks.pm used to choose between Diagnostic and Error headers, but it’s not always easy to tell which would be the most helpful to the user, so both are used. • Documentation fix: passwd -> password • The eval method now replaces line breaks with spaces instead of dying (since MoneyWorks expressions cannot contain line breaks). This makes it easier to write long expressions. • The tie interface can now deal with @ signs (which MoneyWorks usually treats specially), so you can write things like $mw->tie("name","email")->{'clext@gled.blit'}. • The export method no longer requires the key to be in the list of exported fields. • The command method now strips nulls, but warns when doing so. • mw_cli_quote now warns if it sees line breaks. • The export method no longer requires a list of fields. It will export all fields by default.
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  • MoneyWorks.pm - Perl interface to MoneyWorks accounting software