Father Chrysostomos

Changes for version 0.003

  • The DOM plugin: • Event attribute handlers now receive URL and line number info. • On a page that has no Content-Script-Type header, a script element with no language specified no longer causes warnings. • It used to be that, if multiple script elements or event attributes that used the same handler, and that handler was passed to the plugin with a regexp to select it (as opposed to 'default'), only every other script/event would be trig- gered (forgot to clear a couple of hash iterators). This has been fixed. • $mech->content now returns the content in the encoding of the page itself, rather than the encoding of the first page encountered. The JavaScript plugin: • The engine method (experimental and undocumented--read the source) has been added. • clear_timeouts now actually works properly. It used to run the code for each timeout only if the specified time had *not* elapsed. • Line numbers for event attributes are now passed to the back end’s event2sub method. JE back end: • Read-only properties are now marked as such in the JS envi- ronment (which prevents the setting of a property if a pro- totype has a read-only property of the same name --the only difference it makes) and now have their types (string, num- ber, etc.) set properly. • Class bindings now use JE’s ‘unwrap’ feature, so version 0.022 is now required. • event2sub now supports line numbers.
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