Father Chrysostomos

Changes for version 0.005

  • The DOM plugin: • New scripts_enabled method for enabling/disabling scripts. • The window object has been disentangled from the JavaScript plugin and made its own Perl class, under the DOM namespace. It is accessible via the ‘window’ method. • This allows the window object to inherit from HTML::DOM::EventTarget, which provides addEventListener, onclick, etc. • As a bonus, it has a ‘self’ method. • The JS plugin’s check_timeouts method is now deprecated. Use the DOM plugin’s new check_timers method instead. The JavaScript plugin: • Support for javascript: URLs • The JavaScript back end’s constructor is now called with the window object as its argument. It has to make the global object delegate to the window. JE back end (0.004): • Modified to conform to the previous item. It does not yet support wrapping global objects when they are passed to other JS environments.
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