Father Chrysostomos

Changes for version 0.006

  • The DOM plugin (0.007): • The window object is now part of the event dispatch chain. • The window method no longer dies when the page is not HTML. As a result, you can now run JS code without an HTML document. • When a link in the DOM is clicked (via trigger_event or the click method), it now goes to another page. • It now provides Mech with handlers for extracting links and images from the DOM. • Scripts are properly decoded and are no longer always treated as Latin 1. • The DOM tree’s charset attribute is now set. • The scripts_enabled method now disables event handlers as well as <script>s. • !doctype declarations are no longer dropped from the HTML returned by Mech’s ‘content’ method. • Frames (including inline frames) are now supported. The win- dow object now has its ‘top’, ‘frames’ and ‘length’ meth- ods; and you can use it as a hash or array to access frames. • The document object now has its location object set. This was broken in 0.005. (Thanks to David Williams for noticing the bug.) The JavaScript plugin: • You can now specify custom functions for alert, etc., even after the JS environment has been created. JE back end: • Methods returning window objects now work properly instead of returning weird objects that die when you so much as look at them. • The global object can now be used as an array or hash to access frames.
  • 0.005a 7 September, 2008 The DOM plugin (0.006): • The window object’s *_function methods (alert_function, etc.) have been renamed to set_*_function, which is what the docs already said; and they actually work now. As a result, the corresponding options to the JavaScript plugin now work again. (They were broken in the previous release.) JE back end (0.005): • Properties and methods that are supposed to return DOMStrings can now return null. They used to return the string ‘undefined’.
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