Father Chrysostomos

Changes for version 0.06

  • • perl 5.8.4 and lower are no longer supported. • t/http.t is now skipped on Windows, which does not support open FH, '-|', LIST. • LWP errors are now also turned into NETWORK_ERRs, just like infinite redirects. • Encoding detection now uses HTTP::Message’s content_charset feature (which correctly detects XML and HTML encoding), and resorts to BOM-sniffing if the former doesn’t work, instead of relying solely on the Content-Type header. • Invalid byte sequences are now turned into single (not multi- ple) U+FFFD characters during decoding. • The open method now dies if the name argument contains a colon. (Before, it would record the name and the send method would die instead.) • Names and passwords are now sent in UTF-8 encoding. They used to be sent in Latin 1, except for those with chars outside its range, which would cause errors instead. • The body of a request is now encoded in UTF-8 if it is text, or in whatever encoding is specified via setRequestHeader. • Document objects passed to send() are now serialised properly, instead of simply being converted to strings. • send now returns nothing, the way it’s supposed to. It used to return true for successful HTTP status codes. • onreadystatechange is no longer triggered multiple times by send() for synchronous requests. • The abort method now actually aborts when called from a readystatechange handler. • The abort method now switches the state to DONE and calls the readystatechange handlers before aborting if the send method is active.
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