David Manura
and 1 contributors

Changes for version 0.32

  • SQL::Interpolate
  • This module has simplified, and it incorporates defect corrections and style improvements.
  • Fixed ("x IN", []) to return "1=0" not "1=1".
  • Fixed ("x in", \@v) to not fail when "in" lowercase.
  • Fixed sql_interp.t on some platforms (perl.cpan.testers, 254029)
  • Fixed sub-module version numbers for CPAN.
  • New sql() function (based on SQL::Interpolate::SQL from Macro.pm). sql_literal() is now depreciated in favor of sql().
  • sql_interp() now handles recursion correctly.
  • sql_flatten() moved into SQL::Interpolate::Macro.
  • Added pod.t - Test::Pod checks
  • Added pod-coverage.t - Test::Pod::Coverage checks
  • Added dist.t - distribution checks
  • POD and code style improvements.
  • DBIx::Interpolate
  • Removed AUTOLOAD usage.
  • SQL::Macro
  • The macro framework has been refined.
  • Fixed sql_and(sql()) and sql_or(sql()) to now return '1=1' and '1=0' respectively (rather than "()").
  • sql_flatten() now expands depth-first rather than breadth-first.
  • sql_fragment() is now depreciated. Use sql() instead.
  • relations() is now depreciated. Use sql_rel_filter() instead.
  • expand() no longer has $filter param. Macros now query the $interp object for state.
  • SQLFilter::macro_names() no longer used. The $interp object no longer knows which macro object use which filters.
  • SQLFilter::filter_text_fragment() no longer has $changing_ref in parameter list.
  • SQL::Interpolate::Filter
  • sql// objects now transform into calls to make_sql().
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