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Sugama Keita
SQL::OOP - Yet another SQL Generator
SQL::OOP - Yet another SQL Generator
SQL::OOP::Array - An Abstract class for any combination of snippets
SQL::OOP::Base - SQL Generator base class
SQL::OOP::Dataset - Dataset class for INSERT or UPDATE commands
SQL::OOP::ID - IDs for SQL
SQL::OOP::IDArray - ID arrays for SQL
SQL::OOP::Order - ORDER BY class
SQL::OOP::Where - WHERE factory class
SQL::OOP::ID::Parts in lib/SQL/OOP/ID.pm
SQL::OOP::Order::Expression in lib/SQL/OOP/Order.pm
Changes for version 0.21
    • Removed dependency on Class::Inheritable.
    • Deprecated accepting hashs for where clauses and datasets.
    • Deprecated Where::and_hash infavor of Where::and_abstract.
    • Deprecated Where::or_hash infavor of Where::or_abstract.
    • Tested on perl-5.18.2

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