DBD::Ingres --  an Ingres interface for Perl 5 using DBI.

This is the Database Driver for the Ingres family of database products.
It requires Ingres 6.4 or OpenIngres 1.0 or newer,
DBI 1.00 or newer, Perl5.004 or newer.

   Copyright (c) 1996,1997,1998,1999,2000  Henrik Tougaard <htoug@cpan.org>

   You may distribute under the terms of either the GNU General Public
   License or the Artistic License, as specified in the Perl README file.


    Build, test and install Perl 5.004 (or newer)
    It is very important to test it and install it!

    Build, test and install the DBI module.
    It is very important to test it and install it!
    *** DBI must be at least version 1.00 ***


    If Perl5 is installed do:

	perl Makefile.PL

    If Perl5 is NOT installed install it, and come back here later!

    Then do:

	DBI_DSN=<my-favourite-test-database> make test
	make install

    HP-UX users (and others) will have to build perl with static
        make perl
        DBI_DSN=<my-favourite-test-database> make test
        make inst_perl
    See the MakeMaker docs for further: perldoc ExtUtils::MakeMaker

For the test-run *PLEASE* do remember to give the database name.
The test pass will create a table named 'testhththt' in this database,
manipulate it and delete it again.
It is important for the succes of the test that you have the neccesary
Ingres permissions.

The ingtest.pl script is a "quick" hack of the test for ingperl (the
"old" perl4 interface).

If it fails horribly, see below.

Do NOT hand edit the generated Makefile unless you are completely sure
you understand the implications! Always try to make changes via the
Makefile.PL command line and/or editing the Makefile.PL.

You should never need to make any changes. If you do *please* let me
know so that I can try to make it automatic in a later release.

New features (See the CHANGES file for a complete list):

This is the long-awaited new release incorporating binary/long support
from Mike Battersby <mib@unimelb.edu.au>, and a lot of work in
removing memory leaks.


	o sometime prepared statements don't work - they either give the
	  wrong results, or they error out.
	  The problem seems to have appeared with one of the later patches
	  to Ingres...
	  Work-around: reprepare the statement everytime round 8^{

        o the arguments to &sql(connect) must be given in the order:
            database-name username other-options
          otherwise the check for username wil fail.

	o Problems have been reported on Digital Unix where the abflnk.opt
          files does not include '-ldnet_stub'. This will cause wierd errors
          during "make test" - somewhat like:
Can't load './blib/arch/auto/DBD/Ingres/Ingres.so' for module DBD::Ingres:
dlopen: Unresolved symbols at
/usr/local/lib/perl5/alpha-dec_osf/5.00404/DynaLoader.pm line 166.
          include '-ldnet_stub' in your abflnk.opt to fix this.

	o Lenio Eric <elenio@mct.rochester.edu> reports problems using
          GNU-ld on SunOS. The problems disappeared when he reverted to
          Sun's ld. Message was: "ld.so: Undefined symbol: _IIGCa_static"

        o A message somewhat like:
            install_driver(Ingres) failed: Can't load '....DBD/Ingres/Ingres.so'
            for module DBD::Ingres: dlopen: cannot load ....
          usually indicates that the shared Ingres library is not in the
          path for shared libraries given in LD_LIBRARY_PATH


        o Add support for OpenIngres long datatypes.
        o Add a way to call database procedures.
        o Add cached statements
        o Track the changes in the DBI spec
        o Verify that DBD::Ingres works under Apache::DBI (and make neccesary


Firstly, check the Frequently Asked Questions, Known Bugs and any other
pertinent documents at:


If this does *not* resolve your problem, please post details to
dbi-users@perl.org (to subscribe mail to dbi-users-help@perl.org)
and CC them to me at htoug@cpan.org

Please include:

1. A complete log of a complete build, e.g.:

	perl Makefile.PL -v           (do a make realclean first)
	DBI_DSN=<database name> make test
	DBI_TRACE=3 DBI_DSN=<database name> make test

2. Full details of which version of Ingres/esql and Perl you're using.

3. The output of:
	perl -e 'use Config; print Config::myconfig()'

4. If you get a core dump, try to include a stack trace from it.
   If the stack trace mentions XS_DynaLoader_dl_load_file then rerun
   make test after setting the environment variable PERL_DL_DEBUG to 2.
   Similarly, get the Devel::CoreStack module and use it.

5. Please don't post problems to comp.lang.perl.misc or perl5-porters.

6. If you are not currently subscribed to the mailing list please
   subscribe via dbi-users-help@perl.org

Original document: (c)Tim Bunce
Amendments: (c)Alligator Descartes
Further amendments: (c)Henrik Tougaard <htoug@cpan.org>