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Scratch pad of bugs, missing features, and misbehaviors collected
while using tkpod (best viewed with Emacs' org-mode).

** Tk::Pod
*** Tk::Pod::Text should not manipulate the Toplevel's title [[cpanrt:67306]]
    Idea: one can mark the PodText as "-embedded". In this case no
    manipulations of the parent toplevel are done, especially the
    title is set untouched. Ideally this would be the other way, one
    should mark a "master toplevel" for the PodText, but well, because
    of backward compatibility the current behavior will stay.
*** S<> seems often to be ignored
    May be a core Tk::Text bug (i.e. -wrap => "none" in tags being
    sometimes ignored)
    -> Should find sample Pod to easily reproduce this problem.
*** For Windows: check whether Tk::More/Tk::Tree match the system background colors
    Also check if the "Help" menu item is on the correct place.
*** Title is not displayed if function or FAQ pod in displayed in a new window
    or when navigating in the history back or forward to a function/FAQ pod
*** $podtext->configure(-file => ...) does not work always as expected
    When set from a command line argument, then one expects to use the
    name of a module in perl's pod path (specified without .pm or .pod
    extension) or a (relative) path to a file (with extension).

    cd ~/src/bbbike
    tkpod ESRI/
    * now click on bbbike link => bbbike itself will be loaded, not bbbike.pod
      because of a -f test in findpod

*** Do not move focus if already in PodText's search entry
*** The perlfunc subentries do not show up in the history
*** Links within perlfunc subentries do not work (seen in "-f import")
*** Paragraphs after bullet and number items do not align correctly
    Tweaking the _indent functionality in Tk::Pod::SimpleBridge seems
    to be necessary.
*** If .pod and .pm are located in separated directories, then the wrong file (the .pm) might be chosen
    Seen on Debian with IO::Handle.
*** There is never a horizontal scrollbar, even if a verbatim block exceeds the window width
    An workaround would be to have the vertical scrollbar non-optional
    and the horizontal scrollbar optional (unfortunately both cannot
    be optional because of a bug in the Scrolled code).
*** DONE old window is jumping after ctrl-n and ctrl-p
    because these already have bindings in Tk::Text
    -> workarounded, but need good checks first!
** Tk::Pod::Search
*** Reorder modules in the fulltext search results to reflect @INC order
** Tk::More
*** Highlight matches also in link text
** tkpod
*** In server mode, no commandline options are accepted
    Probably at least -h/-? should be supported and errors for other
    options dropped.
*** Get rid of the numerous warnings in server/client mode.
*** If the client sends a file which cannot be opened, then the server crashes!
*** The tkpod client should send cwd, so relative filenames work in server mode, too.
*** Some systems (e.g. Debian) may not have any perl documentation installed, i.e. no perl.pod
    tkpod should not die if perl.pod is not available, but maybe just
    start with a blank page.
** Tk::Pod
*** History: prefer short pod names over filenames
    If filenames, then maybe show more than the basename, and maybe
    abbreviate it if it's too long. Do not record temporary file names
    (as in perldoc -f / -q) in history view. But show something
    sensible instead (currently it seems that there's only an empty
*** If "perlindex -index" is not run yet: ask user to run it?
    Problematic on Unix, because perlindex should be run as superuser.
*** On Windows: show printer selection dialog first, maybe also on KDE/GNOME, if available
*** Optionally save settings on exit, e.g. current base font size
*** using other fonts
    Marek Rouchal writes:

    Subject: tkpod - other font

    Fine, there is a central
    place where I can do adaptations easily - but how can
    I easily override? The only solution I can imagine
    right now is to place a Tk::Pod::Styles in some
    $PERL5LIB directory and shadow the installation's
    Tk::Pod::Styles; there could be e.g. a 
      -usestyle Tk::Pod::Styles::Mine
    option, where I can provide my own package, which inherits
    from Tk::Pod::Styles and overrides one or more subs.

    But I would appreciate a general solution with either a ~/.tkpodrc
    or the X resources, as already mentioned.

    -> There's now a solution with X resources, which are also
    settable with -xrm. But maybe a .tkpodrc solution would also be nice,
    especially for non-X11 people.
*** Maybe patch Ulrichs TPJ example code for nroff pages to allow both POD and MAN in fulltext search dialog
*** add meaningful regression tests
*** use some kind of access control for the -s option
*** new menu entry with a link list
    (e.g. all L<...> and everything looking like a module /\w+::\w+/)
*** make ManViewer into a standalone widget, link entries in "SEE ALSO" 
*** option for interleaving POD and code
*** show "No documentation found for "..."" if there's no pod in the file
    (just like perldoc)
*** support for the new Pod::Index module
    (similar to the fulltext search)
*** some kind of stylesheet support
*** It should probably be possible to create the menus Section and History independently of the main Tk::Pod frame
    So the user may add these menus to the context menu of the PodText
*** Maybe have a new popup menu entry View -> Pod info which shows path and basic Pod information
*** If a Pod could not be found: add a button "Look at" to the error dialog
*** "Open Pod by name" dialog could be done nicer
    e.g. by using a rich Tk::Text instead of the label/message and use
    "sans serif"+"monospace" fonts.
** Tk::More
*** A menu item for switching between popular encodings
    Default probably to iso-8859-1 or maybe user's locale.
*** A menu item (and maybe also the keyboard equivalent -x) for changing the indentation level
*** If there are more configuration parameters resembling less, then maybe an environment variable like LESS could be useful for common configuration parameters
    Question: should this only be valid if it's called as tkmore or
    also if embedded in Tk::Pod?
*** Tk/More status bar:  filename  %   line x
*** more 'more' like key bindings to Tk::More
*** search should scroll per page
*** search policies: regexp, glob, incremental (as in xmore) and 'normalized' as in perlindex
    Should go into it's own module

    Or: use Tk::FindBar (create it first by branching Tkx::FindBar)
    for incremental search.
*** after switching between case sensitive/insensitive highlightning should be updated immediately
*** automatic case-sensitive search
if there is at least one uppercase character in the search string,
then do a case-sensitive search (like emacs)
*** scrolling is not as exact as it shoule be (i.e. scroll forw, then scroll back will not get to the same position as before)
*** use Tk::HistEntry for search entry
*** implement isearch
*** <Return> over a link opens the link
    (but this needs some kind of "current link" feature, probably by
    using <Tab> or similar to select the next link).
** Tk::Pod::Cache
*** use a LRU cache with $MAX_CACHE documents
*** maybe do not cache small documents at all
*** store modtime of POD files and flush cache automatically if the file changed
*** consider to cache per INC path, so user can use custom @INC/@PERLPOD and everything works as expected
    e.g. ~/tkpod_cache/perlspec(abspathofconfig)/MD5orSHA1ofpath
** Tk::Pod::Tree
*** Make tree busy while building first time
*** Show a progress bar or an indicator when refreshing the pod index
*** Build the tree in background, e.g. by using standard perl ipc (pipe+fork)
    This already happens for Unix, but it would be nice if it also
    implemented (and tested) on Windows systems.
*** Show old cached contents while rebuilding the tree
    But show a notice that the tree is updated. Once the new tree is
    available, it should be displayed (and the currently opened leaves
    should be restored), and the update notice should be removed.
*** Some zoom functionality
    Maybe depending on the zoom factor of the main window, and/or an
    additional menu entry.
*** Should I include something similar to perlfunc for perlfaq (perldoc -q)?
    Maybe a new menu item "Search FAQ"?
*** Implement C<-rememberopen> in C<Fill> method
*** Mark modules which appear multiple times in the @INC tree
    e.g. with an exclamation mark, and maybe show the paths and
    versions(?) of both/all versions
** tkpod
*** Instead of listening to a tcp socket, maybe one should use a unix domain socket
    (security, a unix domain socket may be chown'ed and chmod'ed!)
*** tkpod -s: should probably reuse the Pod window instead of re-creating new ones 
    Maybe this should be controlled by another option.
*** handle "-" for stdin
* Expired problems
  These bugs are probably fixed or not reproducable or apparent on old
  systems only:
** Ctrl-O Exporter does not work?!
** What about the reported error on Suse Linux (see Tk-Pod entry on
   I can't reproduce this bug...
** Dump does not always work on a RedHat 8.0 system, so I had to use a workaround.
   Also, Tk::Pod very often dumps core on this system in conjuction
   with perl5.8.0 and Tk800.025, but this might be a RedHat-related
* org-mode settings
#+LINK: cpanrt
#+LINK: perlrt