$Id: TODO,v 1.3 2001/11/25 16:11:51 srl Exp $

If you do any of these, please join the reefknot-devel list
and tell us about your efforts, however slight. Thanks! 

Roughly in order of importance, here's what needs doing:

- Fix the installer. It's fairly hackish right now. Clean it up.
Make it do the right thing, not installing the timezone files
at "make", but at "make install".

- Bonus points for hacking Net::ICal and to intelligently
detect whether you have VTIMEZONE files on your system already.
This module is a big evil beast, and it'd be nice not to force the
download on anyone who only really needs and
This may mean that we split up the packaging differently; I don't know.

- Come up with a good way not to smash any already-installed 
Net::ICal::Config files. 

- Test on machines with libical or libical-evolution installed
and make sure that Net::ICal::Config generation is working properly.

- Test on platforms other than Linux.

- Test on Perl versions other than 5.6.1.

- Make the "make clean" step restore the templated,
copying it back from

- Make the "make uninstall" step uninstall the vtimezone files.