=head1 CHANGES (Apache::VMonitor)

=head1 ver 0.8 - Tue Mar 11 14:48:10 EST 2003

* prevent cross-site scripting, now HTML escaping the request script

* mention in the docs that ExtendedStatus On is not coming for free.

=head1 ver 0.7 - Fri Mar 15 00:53:45 SGT 2002

* fix a devide by zero error (when there is no swap used). Thanks to Bill
  Marrs <bill@apocalypse.org>.

=head1 ver 0.6 - Mon Dec 18 15:43:26 CET 2000

* patch for perl5.005_03 (Chip Turner)

=head1 ver 0.5 - Sat Dec 16 20:06:14 CET 2000

* now mod_perl processes report can be sorted by any of the columns in
  the report (new variable: SORT_BY)

* Documented the required ExtendedStatus to be On in httpd.conf

* Removed the ifconfig(1) emulation section which actually has never
  properly worked, because of the broken underlying implementation in
  libgtop C library.

* On the front page added the count of served requests by child.

* the count of mod_perl procs now starts from 1 (and not 0) (Bill

* removed the presentation of the real memory used for other
  non-modperl processes since it didn't handle correctly threaded
  processes like mysql. Currently I don't see how I can get to this
  info from libgtop. Suggestions are welcome.

* corrected a bug where user dynamic settings (like refresh rate) were
  affecting global variables, thus making it hard for two admins to
  monitor the same site. Now dynamic setting (triggered by clicks on
  the interface) don't affect the preset values.

* changed the number formats in the system section to always use b/K/M
  if applicable (using Apache::Util::size_string)

* correctly reporting the number of processes (some were counted even
  when they were in the process of death)

=head1 ver 0.4 - Sun Dec 12 12:06:39 IST 1999

* Added a single process mode

* Added a non apache/mod_perl process display

* Improved formatting

* splitted the TOP section into APACHE and SYSTEM sections.

* Adde lore information columns per apache/modperl process

* A configuration interface was changed

* Now sections can be turned on and off automatically while browsing

=head1 ver 0.3 - Tue Oct 19 08:12:47 IST 1999 

* Added to top() section: date/time, uptime, average load, num of
  procs (linux only).

  Per process removed the memory segment info (wasn't interested),
  added instead a number of bytes transferred and a number of requests
  processed, a current status of each process, last request and the
  client's IP.

* Added a dynamic configuration: dynamically turn on and off all the
  sections and enter a verbose mode that explains each section and the
  used abreviations. and of course the explanations themselves :)

* Fixed the "bug" that displayed the processes that have been killed
  but wasn't yet replaced. (it doesn't display those anymore :)

=head1 ver 0.2 Tue Oct 6 08:12:47 IST 1999

* fixed the README file (generated by pod2text)

=head1 ver 0.1 Tue Oct 5 08:12:47 IST 1999

* First version released