Kolab::DirServ - A Perl Module that handles Address book synchronisation between Kolab servers.


  use Kolab::DirServ;
  use Net::LDAP::Entry;

  #send notification of a new mailbox
  $entry = Net::LDAP::Entry->new(...);
  &notify_new_alias( $entry );

  #handle updates recieved
  &handle_notifications( "address", "IMAP User", "User Password" );


  The Kolab::DirServ module provides a mechanism for Kolab servers to
  publish address book data to a list of peers. These peers recieve
  notification of new, updated and removed mailboxes and update their
  address books accordingly.


The Kolab::DirServ module recieves Net::LDAP::Entry entries, converts them to LDIF format and sends them to a list of mailboxes in LDIF format. The list of peers and other configuration parameters is provided through the Kolab::DirServ::Config module.


  &notify_new_alias( $entry )

    Recieves a Net::LDAP::Entry object.
    Send a new alias notification to each of the address book peers in
    a LDIF MIME attachment.

  &notify_remove_alias( $entry )

    Recieves a Net::LDAP::Entry object.
    Send a notification to each of the address book peers to remove an
    entry from their address books.

  &notify_modify_alias( $entry )

    Recieves a Net::LDAP::Entry object.
    Send updated information to each of the address book peers. Each
    peer then updates the corresponding address book entry with the
    updated information.

  &handle_notifications( $server, $user, $password )

    Connects to specified IMAP server and retrieves all messages from
    the specified mailbox. The messages are cleared from the mailbox
    after they are handled. This process runs periodically on a peer.


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Stephan Buys,

Please report any bugs, or post any suggestions, to the kolab-devel mailing list <>.


Copyright 2003 by Stephan Buys

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.