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Stevan Little
Array::Iterator - A simple class for iterating over Perl arrays
Array::Iterator::BiDirectional - A subclass of Array::Iterator to allow forwards and backwards iteration
Array::Iterator::Circular - A subclass of Array::Iterator to allow circular iteration
Array::Iterator::Reusable - A subclass of Array::Iterator to allow reuse of iterators
Changes for version 0.05
    • added a getLegnth method and tested it
    • changed how currentIndex deals with index of 0, it now does it correctly.
    • made current use currentIndex to get the current index
    • made Array::Iterator more subclass friendly by adding some 'protected' methods to access some fields with
    • added some subclasses:
    • Array::Iterator::BiDirectional
    • Array::Iterator::Circular
    • Array::Iterator::Reusable
    • created tests for all these new modules

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