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Stevan Little
Bread::Board::Manual - A manual for Bread::Board
Bread::Board::Manual::Concepts - An overview of the concepts in Bread::Board
Bread::Board::Manual::Concepts::Advanced - An overview of some of the more advanced Bread::Board concepts
Bread::Board::Manual::Concepts::Typemap - An overview of the typemapping feature
Bread::Board::Manual::Example - A set of examples of Bread::Board usage
Bread::Board::Manual::Example::FormSensible - A Form::Sensible and Catalyst example.
Bread::Board::Manual::Example::LogDispatch - An example of composing a dynamic Log::Dispatch object.
visualize-breadboard - script to invoke Bread::Board::GraphViz::App
Changes for version 0.23
  • Bread::Board::Container::Parameterized
    • retain control of names of the generated containers, so if your the container being generated has a name, it keeps it.
    • this makes these containers more addressable when composed into higher level containers
    • this helps when subclassing parameterized containers
    • switch the generated containers to be created with builder instead of default
    • also helps when subclassing parameterized containers as well
  • t/046_custom_parameter_service.t
    • fixing the error about Moose deprecations

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