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Changes for version 0.36

  • Class::MOP::Class
    • added a few 'no warnings' lines to keep annoying (and meaningless) warnings from chirping during global destruction.
  • Class::MOP
    • some more bootstrapping is now done on the new classes
  • Class::MOP::Class::Immutable
    • API CHANGE ***
    • constructor generation is now handled by the Class::MOP::Method::Constructor class
  • Class::MOP::Method::Constructor
    • created this to handle constructor generation in Class::MOP::Class::Immutable
  • Class::MOP::Attribute
    • API CHANGE ***
    • attributes now delegate to the Class::MOP::Method::Accessor to generate accessors
  • Class::MOP::Method::Accessor
    • all accessor generation functions from Class::MOP::Attribute have been moved here
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