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Stevan Little

Changes for version 0.19

  • changed the VERSION in lib/DBD/Mock.pm to be 1.23, allow me to explain...
    • Chris Winters (the original author) used the CVS derived VERSION, which when I took over the module (8 versions ago) was at 1.15. Since I was not using Chris's CVS repo to store this I decided to give Mock.pm the VERSION number found in the VERSION file.
    • Well,... PAUSE's indexer doesn't like it since it is a lower number and would complain every time I uploaded a new version. I ignored these complaints (at my own peril) until now.
    • I found out recently that if you had version 0.11 or below installed (where the Mock.pm was version 1.15 or below), then installing through the CPAN shell would tell you DBD::Mock was up to date, even though it wasn't. So in order to fix this issue, and make sure that all those who want to install and update DBD::Mock easily, I changed the version number of DBD::Mock to be 1.23 to reflect the number of updates I have done since Chris handed it over to me.
    • *sigh*
    • Okay good, thats off my chest now.
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  • DBD::Mock - Mock database driver for testing