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Changes for version 0.12

  • FCGI::Engine::PSGI
    • run PSGI applications using FCGI::Engine
      • added tests for this
  • FCGI::Engine::Core
    • base class for FCGI::Engine flavors
  • FCGI::Engine
    • refactored to use FCGI::Engine::Core
  • Plack::Server::FCGI::Engine
  • Plack::Server::FCGI::Engine::ProcManager
    • subclasses to make it easier to use the FCGI::Engine::ProcManager with your Plack based application
      • added tests for this
  • FCGI::Engine::Manager::Server::Plackup
    • this now uses Plack::Server::FCGI::Engine by default (can be overriden with the 'server_type' option)
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