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Changes for version 0.04

  • Moose::Role
    • Roles can now consume other roles
      • added tests for this
    • Roles can specify required methods now with the requires() keyword
      • added tests for this
  • Moose::Meta::Role
    • ripped out much of it's guts ,.. much cleaner now
    • added required methods and correct handling of them in apply() for both classes and roles
      • added tests for this
    • no longer adds a does() method to consuming classes it relys on the one in Moose::Object
    • added roles attribute and some methods to support roles consuming roles
  • Moose::Meta::Attribute
    • added support for triggers on attributes
      • added tests for this
    • added support for does option on an attribute
      • added tests for this
  • Moose::Meta::Class
    • added support for attribute triggers in the object construction
      • added tests for this
  • Moose
    • Moose no longer creates a subtype for your class if a subtype of the same name already exists, this should DWIM in 99.9999% of all cases
  • Moose::Util::TypeConstraints
    • fixed bug where incorrect subtype conflicts were being reported
      • added test for this
  • Moose::Object
    • this class can now be extended with 'use base' if you need it, it properly loads the metaclass class now
      • added test for this
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