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Changes for version 0.17

  • Moose::Meta::Method::Accessor
    • bugfix for read-only accessors which are have a type constraint and lazy. Thanks to chansen for finding it.


How to cook a Moose
Frequenty asked questions about Moose
The (always classic) Point example.
A simple BankAccount example
A lazy BinaryTree example
Subtypes, and modeling a simple Company class hierarchy
More subtypes, coercion in a Request class
The Moose::Role example
For when things go wrong with Moose


A complete modern object system for Perl 5
The Moose attribute metaclass
The Moose metaclass
The Moose Instance metaclass
A Moose Method metaclass
A Moose Method metaclass for accessors
A Moose Method metaclass for overriden methods
The Moose Role metaclass
A Moose Method metaclass for Roles
The Moose Type Coercion metaclass
The Moose Type Constraint metaclass
A union of Moose type constraints
The base object for Moose
The Moose Role
Type constraint system for Moose