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Changes for version 0.22

  • Moose::Util::TypeConstraints
    • fix for prototype undeclared issue when Moose::Util::TypeConstraints loaded before consumers (e.g. Moose::Meta::Attribute) by predeclaring prototypes for functions
    • added the ClassName type constraint, this checks for strings which will respond true to ->isa(UNIVERSAL).
      • added tests and docs for this
    • subtyping just in name now works correctly by making the default for where be { 1 }
      • added test for this
  • Moose::Meta::Method::Accessor
    • coerce and lazy now work together correctly, thanks to merlyn for finding this bug
      • tests added for this
    • fix reader presedence bug in Moose::Meta::Attribute + tests
  • Moose::Object
    • Foo->new(undef) now gets ignored, it is assumed you meant to pass a HASH-ref and missed. This produces better error messages then having it die cause undef is not a HASH.
      • added tests for this
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