Revision history for Async-Event-Interval

1.12    2022-03-31
    - Only remove the Async::Event::Interval protected shared %events hash
      if it contains any keys (ie. event objects). When running in things
      like 'plackup', END{} was being called on each browser session close,
      but there were still objects, so we were trashing the %events
      infrastructure prematurely
    - Each unit test file now does pre-and-post segment counts and displays
      them if PRINT_SEGS env var is true, and the suite itself has a before
      and after count comparison to ensure the suite leaked no segments or
    - Fix issue where we were trying to set a _pid() on an undefined value,
      causing IPC::Shareable to complain that "Can't STORE on undef val"

1.11    2022-03-09
    - Modified tests to run only on valid CI platforms

1.10    2022-03-07
    - Add tests to ensure that all shared memory segments created during the
      unit test suite run get cleaned up ok
    - Bump prereq of IPC::Shareable to 1.11 due to bug fix where child shared
      memory segments created under one process weren't being registered if the
      parent was created in a different process

1.09    2022-03-05
    - Bump prereq IPC::Shareable to 1.08 due to a fix in creating random SHM
      keys in forked environments, major improvements of its _shm_key_rand()
      function, and its ability to set a 'protected' option so our global shared
      %events hash doesn't get cleaned up automatically
    - Modified examples/ so it doesn't leak segments and semaphores
      after completion
    - We now remove %events hash in END instead of DESTROY. This way we can have
      objects go out of scope in a script without blowing away the global shared
    - Added _end() so that we can test the END block in unit tests. END{} calls
      _end() upon program termination

1.08    2022-03-03
    - Added pid(), getter-only wrapper for _pid()
    - Added example of using shared data with IPC::Shareable

1.07    2022-03-03
    - interval() no longer requires stop/start of event to take effect
    - Re-arranged initialization routine to allow for the above
    - Interval is now stored in the %events shared hash so that the event can
      access it directly

1.06    2022-03-03
    - Class level hash that contains information about all existing events
      now lives in shared memory so we can track operation informtion from
      within the events themselves
    - Added runs() method, tracks the number of callback executions of an
    - Added errors() method, tracks the number of times a callback fails
    - Added error_message() method, stores the most recent error message
      from the callback if an error has been logged
    - Modified _shm_rand_key() to return a 12-char ALPHA string
    - Updated tests to ensure they destroy any shared memory segments they

1.05    2022-03-01
    - We now wait interval time before executing the event for the first time
    - Added error(), returns error status instead of using status() == -1
    - status() no longer sets -1. We now use error() for that

1.04    2021-05-11
    - Fix issue in t/45-params.t where done_testing() may have been called
      multiple times (fixes #5)
    - Fix issue where _rand_shm_key() could generate non-unique shared memory
      segment keys (fixes #4)

1.03    2021-05-05
    - Added events() class function, returns hash reference details of each
      event that's been created
    - Added id() object method; returns the ID of the event
    - Added info() object method; returns an href of details about the event
    - Added shared_scalar() object method; Returns a reference to a scalar
      that resides in shared memory. We use IPC::Shareable for the backend
    - Fixed issue where fractional seconds weren't being honoured
    - POD updates, including a new SYNOPSIS
    - Added accessor methods for most object attributes

1.02    2021-04-15
    - Updated shared data example to be a scalar
    - Update t/10-shared.t as it was failing under MacOS/FreeBSD

1.01    2021-04-14
    - If interval is set to zero, we'll run only once
    - Added IPC::Shareable as prerequisite
    - Added waiting(), checks to see if an event is ready to start/restart

1.00    2018-01-23
    - modified t/15-interval.t with some timing changes to prevent CPAN
      Testers failures
    - added t/45-params.t to cover cases where we send in parameters to the
    - added an EXAMPLE to display how to send in params to the event

0.05    2017-10-20
    - POD fix (indenting examples)
    - bump copyright to 2017

0.04    2017-10-19
    - added examples/, shared variable between all events and
      the parent
    - major overhaul on PID handling which provided the ability to rework
      status() to be much more reliable (and effective)
    - we now set $SIG{CHLD}="IGNORE" to avoid defunct processes
    - added Carp (croak) for all fatal errors
    - status() now returns -1 if an event has crashed, providing the user
      with the ability to restart the event, or take other action
    - added examples/ and examples/

0.03    2016-10-16
    - removed restart(), and aliased it instead to start()
    - fixed issue in an already-running warn on start(), and added status()
      to check the running status of an event (closes #1)

0.02    2016-09-24
    - POD fixes

0.01    Date/time
    - First version, released on an unsuspecting world.