- remove Event code from monitor daemon
- intercept SIGTERM, SIGINT, SIGQUIT, SIGHUP; call haltwait and exit

redirect child stdout, stderr to syslog

convert monitor daemon to DFA

use version or begin/end strings in hactl and hatab to ensure they are
valid before copying

consider both status and clstat in quorum check and stomith -- split
off as separate isalive() function

make quorum count persistent -- store on disk


- documentation in progress; about 25% correct, 25% wrong, 50% missing
- it currently spits out debug messages every few seconds
- quorum counting accidentally counts nodes that are up but not running
  OpenMosix::HA; easy fix

finish mosha

stomith test 7 failed on node21

write monitor test cases

clean up and make uniform PASS/PASSED/FAIL/FAILED in HA and Init