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Alexis Sukrieh

Changes for version 1.3012

    • Fix cookies disappearing when more than one is set. Complete refactoring of the cookie handling. (Chris Andrews, Geistteufel)
    • Properly set the settings in Dancer::Test only after config loading. (Sawyer X)
    • Fix possible loss of last directory in path. (Sawyer X)
    • No need for default upper directory in Dancer::Test. This fixes an issue raised on the list about the default scaffolded test failing. (Sawyer X)
    • Fix anti UNC substitution under Cygwin (Rowan Thorpe)
    • GH#299 Return appropriate headers on HEAD request (content-type, ...) (franck cuny)
    • Use the dancer_version variable in scaffolded app. (Sawyer X, reported by Brian E. Lozier)
    • Fix manifest (Damien Krotkine)
    • Various packaging, changelog and test fixes (Damien Krotkine)
    • Add a new accessor to Dancer::Request: ->uri. (it's an alias to ->request_uri) (Franck Cuny)
    • Removes Dancer::Helpers, refactor Dancer.pm accordingly. (Franck Cuny)
    • Introduce changelog test of hell. (Damien Krotkine)
    • Add Dancer::Logger::Null. (Sawyer X)
    • Add Dancer::Logger::Diag. (Sawyer X)
    • Refactor Dancer::Response (franck cuny)
    • Allow to use a subclass of Template::Toolkit. (Michael G. Schwern)
    • Dancer::Test now uses Dancer::Logger::Null instead of ::File. (Sawyer X)
    • Add Dancer::Deprecation. (handle deprecation messages) (franck cuny)
    • Introduce new timestamp format in logger (%T) (Roman Galeev)
    • Refactoring of the forward method (Alex Kalderimis)
    • Refactoring of internal objects in the core, use more of Dancer::Object. Introduce attributes_defaults (Damien Krotkine)
    • Add a perl_version variable to all templates, used in scaffolded app. (Sawyer X, reported by Brian E. Lozier)
    • Better output when template file is missing. (Brian E. Lozier, Sawyer X)
    • Add missing methods (e.g. "referer"), sorting, clean up. (Flavio Poletti)
    • Complete working example of deployment under Nginx/Starman in Deployment.pod (Geistteufel)
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