Revision history for Dancer2-Plugin-LiteBlog

0.07     2023-11-10

        * Add meta data to generated HTML for SEO, Facebook and Twitter cards.

        * Setting 'base_url' is now properly initialized to HTTP_HOST.

0.06    2023-11-08
        * Google Fonts are configurable via the settings: 'google_fonts'.
        * 'Splash' widget to display a big image on the home with a big title
          and a call-to-action button.
        * Custom CSS can be defined in liteblog's config, will be loaded if so
          ('css' entry).
        * Articles can now define a 'background' setting. If so, should be a
          valid (big) image that will change the render of the post to a
          full-screen background. The article will then be displayed on a
          transparent white box. Useful for important pages that need to
        * Site title is clickable in the navigation bar.

0.05    2023-11-07

        * Caching system to avoid recomputing responses from the Blog widget
          (category landing page and permalinks are cached).
        * (Blog) RSS feed for the 'Blog' widget. A /rss/ route is declared by the Blog
          widget and exposes the last 10 published articles of the Blog instance.
          The RSS feed is cached, a restart of the app is needed to refresh it.
        * (Blog) the 'featured_posts' config entry is not mandatory anymore in
          the 'blog-meta.yml' file. If not defined, the last 3 published
          articles are returned instead.

0.04    2023-11-05

        * Support for 'favicon' config entry to define a favicon for the site.
          Supported mime-types: jpg, png and ico. 
        * Support for 'footer' setting. A footer section is added at the bottom
          of the page. Either 'footer' is displayed, or the site title.

        (CSS) Navigation Bars cleanup. 
          - The mobile navigation bar is always visible on small screens, but
            not shown on the landing page by dafault, only after a scroll down..
          - The Compact navigation bar with visible nav items is always shown, 
            even on the home page, when the user scrolls and has enough space
            (not a small screen), hiding/showing is done with smooth
          - Category landing page fix: able to display larger areas for blog
            post cards.
          - Better header styling for article headers on small screens (font
            size, spacing).

0.03    2023-11-02

        * New route to render static assets in article's directory (eg: 
        * New method <render_client_error> to properly render 404 in Liteblog's
          look and feel.
        * If 'navigation' is set, on mobile displays, a hamburger menu is
          displayed. When the user clicks on it, the navigation items are
          displayed as a popup menu.
        * Widgets now log what they do in Dancer2's logging system.
        * (CSS) Blog post header has a nice styling even when no feature image
          is set.
        * (CSS) Activities cards are now fixed to a maximum of 3 cards per row,
           with a maximum width of 320px and minimum width of 280px;
        * (CSS) Use CSS variables for common colors in liteblog.css to ease
          theming changes.

        * The provided article is a little documentation about the 'Blog'
          widget, with guidelines on how to edit the article.

        * (CSS) Images adapt their width to small screens.
        * All routes for articles, pages, categories are now forced to their
          trailing slash version (/some/article/). Requests to the version
          without a trailing / are redirected. Needed to allow images loeaded
          locally from article locations.
        * (CSS) Activities Cards sizes are now stable to 280px. Responsiveness
          is good now.
        * (CSS) blog-cards sizes are now stable (420px max). Responsiveness is
          good now.
        * Fix article->image accessor to return proper permalinks if the meta
          value of the 'image' parameter is relative.
        * It's now possible to mount the Blog widget to the root of the site
          (/). This was causing many bugs in permalinks generation. Fixed now.

0.02    2023-10-31

        * Feature 'highlight' can be set to include the Highligh JS library.
        * Navigation Bar: possible to configure navigation links in the liteblog
          settings. If present (as an array of hash containing a link and a
          label), each element will be displayed in the navigation bar.
          Currently only visible in the single-page layout.
        * ship bin/liteblog-scaffold (was not in 0.01)
        * with more information.
        * Better design for the blog post page

0.01    2023-10-30

        * All public Classes are documented.

        [ SCAFFOLDER ]
        * bin/liteblog-scaffold to generate views and assets in a Dancer2 app

        [ FEATURES ]
        * Default routes loaded when using the plugin for a landing page (/) and
          blog-related routes (/blog/cat/slug, ...)
        * Activities card to show off hobby, social networks, profesional links…
        * Widgets are generic classes that allow for unlimited extensibility in
          the future (Activities and Blog are implementing it).