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Steffen Ullrich
Net::IMP - Inspection and Modification Protocol
Net::IMP::Base - base class for Net::IMP analyzers
Net::IMP::Cascade - manages cascade of IMP filters
Net::IMP::Debug - provide debugging functions
Net::IMP::Filter - simple data filter using Net::IMP analyzers
Net::IMP::HTTP_AddCSPHeader - adds Content Security Policy header and more
Net::IMP::HTTP_AddXFooHeader::HTTPConnection - adds X-Foo header to HTTP respone
Net::IMP::Pattern - IMP plugin for matching pattern and blocking, replacing...
Net::IMP::ProtocolPinning - IMP plugin for simple protocol matching
Net::IMP::SessionLog - analyzer which only logs data
Net::IMP::Cascade::_Buf in lib/Net/IMP/Cascade.pm
Net::IMP::Factory in lib/Net/IMP.pm
Net::IMP::HTTP_AddCSPHeader::HTTPConnection in lib/Net/IMP/HTTP_AddCSPHeader.pm
Net::IMP::HTTP_AddCSPHeader::HTTPRequest in lib/Net/IMP/HTTP_AddCSPHeader.pm
Net::IMP::HTTP_AddXFooHeader in lib/Net/IMP/HTTP_AddXFooHeader.pm
Net::IMP::HTTP_AddXFooHeader::HTTPRequest in lib/Net/IMP/HTTP_AddXFooHeader.pm
Changes for version 0.33
    • Net::IMP::ProtocolPinning can now deal with regexes like /foo(bar)?/. It will no longer stop on the first match and thus depend on the chunking of the data, but try to match up to rxlen. Matched data will be passed immediatly.

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