# Copyright 2003 Sun Microsystems, Inc.  All rights reserved.
# Use is subject to license terms.
#ident	"@(#)README	1.1	03/03/13 SMI"

This module is released under the Perl Artistic License.

This module is only available for Solaris 9 onwards.

This module provided access to the Solaris Project subsystem, which is part of
the Solaris resource management infrastructure.

For more information on Solaris Projects, see the project(4) manpage and the
following on-line documentation:

System Administration Guide: Resource Management and Network Services
Chapter 6 - Projects and Tasks

An example of how this module might be used is to put the Apache httpd under
resource management control, so that the total resources used by Apache can be
limited using Solaris resource management.  Assuming mod_perl is installed for
Apache, and a project with the appropriate limits has been established
(see documentation references above), the following code in the Apache Perl
startup file will place Apache under RM control:

use Sun::Solaris::Project qw(:ALL);
my $user = getpwuid(Apache->server->uid());
setproject(getdefaultproj($user), $user, 0) == 0 || die($!);


1. Uncompress and untar the archive
2. cd to the module directory
3. perl Makefile.PL; make install

If you are using gcc and wish to build this module against the perl shipped as
part of Solaris, see the Solaris-PerlGcc module, also available from CPAN.