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Fri Apr 15 21:15:17 IST 2005

Version 0.07

Trying to accelerate output generation, which seems to be the remaining bottleneck. 

Thu Apr  7 15:02:22 IST 2005

Version 0.06

Noticed that Xtract fails with very large PDFs (>~500MB).  It is now fixed by changing the way the file is read and
understood.  Fringe benefit: module uses less memory than before.  Additional variable is introduced: PDFReadSize,
specify the number of bytes to read at a time when reading the input file.

Documentation updated and corrected.  Test script added to distribution.

Thu Mar  10 15:02:47 IST 2005

Noticed a problem with include objects!  Work around done.

Wed Mar  9 10:50:35 IST 2005

No change in code, but making the distribution more acceptable for testing.
Thu Feb  20 15:02:47 IST 2005

Operational sequences within the module is being changed.  New organisation will be as below:

Essentioal variable for doing anything is PDFDoc.
Extraction and making of document will run as and when PDFPages is defined.  It will be generated into
the disk file named as PDFSaveAs if one exist, else will be taken to default extract file named as

Populating the PDFExtract is now secondary!  If some one ask for that, we will return the content of the
file $TempExtractFile