This is the perl5 MP3::ID3v1Tag module.

To install this module you will need access rights to the perl
install action on your system, as it overwrites your currently installed
version of MP3::ID3v1Tag, but not the older MPEG::ID3v1Tag.

This distribution relies upon the IO modules, which is avaliable from CPAN. 
This module is included in the IO package by Graham Barr.

If you do not have the required modules, you will see a warning when 
the Makefile is built.

To build and install this module type:

 perl Makefile.PL
 make install

For an OOP perl module that reads ID3v2 tags, please see Matt DiMeo's
MPEG::ID3v2Tag package.

If you have any issues with this module, feel free to relay them to me.
I am not actively developing on this anymore, but do plan on making
bug fix releases. Any patches for features or bug fixes will be appreciated.

Sander van Zoest <>

$Id: README,v 2.7 2000/06/27 09:30:53 sander Exp $