** Net::Curl 0.49 **

STATUS: This package is working and the interface is mostly stable.

- you need libcurl 7.15.5 or newer, try to get one as recent as you can
  * it is highly suggested to build libcurl with asynchdns (c-ares) support
    (besides the usual extensions: libz, ssl)

- you should have ExtUtils::PkgConfig installed, it should pick all the
  libcurl options needed to build this module
  * if the above isn't working for you, you can edit Makefile.PL,
    there is a %curl hash on the top of the file, which should be filled
    with correct value

- have in mind that tests depend on network availability and may not cover
  all the quirks found in your operating system, some of them even depend on
  proper timing, so sometimes they could fail without an apparent reason
  (in case of very slow network connection or very heavily loaded system)

** WWW::Curl compatibility **

For packages requiring WWW::Curl you can use Net::Curl instead of WWW::Curl
if you don't want to install WWW::Curl in your system. Can be useful in
space-constrained systems if you already have something that requires
Net::Curl anyways.

Set environment variable WWW_COMPAT to "ext" before calling Makefile.PL
to install WWW/Curl/* wrapper files directly.

By default build system creates Net::Curl::Compat package which can be used
to enable WWW::Curl compatibility in Net::Cutl, but it must be loaded manually
before something tries to use WWW::Curl.

- pushopt() may disappear yet.

** TODO **

- under coro and threads, when forcibly destroyed, there are some ways to
  make it leak or double-free memory, must be investigated further.

- test callback arguments just before perform (maybe only for default writers)
- write more documentation
- in case of multi interface CLOSESOCKET will be called long after destroying
  the easy handle, this will be deadly

- implement read callback
- write more documentation

- write more documentation

- write more documentation

- review and renumerate