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גאבור סבו - Gábor Szabó
CPAN::Digger - To dig CPAN
CPAN::Digger::WWW - Dancer based web interface to CPAN::Digger
CPAN::Digger::DB in lib/CPAN/Digger/DB.pm
CPAN::Digger::Index in lib/CPAN/Digger/Index.pm
CPAN::Digger::Pod in lib/CPAN/Digger/Pod.pm
CPAN::Digger::PPI in lib/CPAN/Digger/PPI.pm
CPAN::Digger::Syntax in lib/CPAN/Digger/Syntax.pm
Changes for version 0.02
    • Add missing prerequisites.
    • use modules instead of require-ing them.

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