Installation on Windows need to be done manually, by editing Makefile.PL.

1. Specify your curl include directory on the line "my @include = qw()".
2. Specify the following parameters on the line below, where <DIR> is your curl directory like this:

my ($cflags,$ldflags,$lflags) = ('-I"<DIR>\\include"', '-L"<DIR>\\lib"','-lcurl -lcurldll');

<DIR> can be for example: "E:\\Perldev\\downloader\\curl-7.18.2-devel-mingw32" (without quotes);
3. Save Makefile.PL.
4. Execute "perl Makefile.PL";
5. Execute "nmake" ( you may need nmake from Mircosoft, which can be downloaded from;en-us;Q132084 );
6. Execute "nmake install".