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Changes for version 1.01

  • Fix for RT #56926 which causes systems without SIGCHLD to exit on after 64 forked processes
  • Patch for Makefile.PL applied which seems to have problems after the reorganisation of the directory layout (RT #57914)
  • Fix for RT #63089 which left over a time-window of 1 sec where Schedule::Cron could run havoc.
  • Fixes for RT #68530 ("Exposing too much information..."), #68450 ("Crash scheduling empty queue") and #68533 ("Thou shalt not REAP what thou has not forked...") provided by tlhackque. Thanks a lot !
  • New options:
    • loglevel: Tuning of logoutput
    • nostatus: Avoid setting $0 to next schedule time
    • sleep: Custom sleep() function between two calls
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