Milan Sorm
and 1 contributors

Changes for version 0.17

  • put Math::Project, Data::CompactDump to separate CPAN distribution
  • remove Data::RefSupport (obsolete with List::Flatten)
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  • svplus - SchemaView Plus GUI for drawing database schemas


  • DBIx::SystemCatalog - Perl module for accessing system catalog in common databases (access through DBI(3))
  • Hints - Perl extension for hints databases
  • Hints::Base - Perl extension for hints program storage databases
  • Hints::Base::svplus - Hints::Base(3) database for SchemaView Plus
  • Hints::X - Perl extension for dialog for showing hints from hints databases
  • PostScript::Poster - Perl extension for posterizing PostScript
  • Print::Printcap - Perl extension for parsing /etc/printcap