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Changes for version 1.20

  • Deprecated:
  • Search::Elasticsearch::Client::Direct in favour of Search::Elasticsearch::Client::1_0::Direct
  • New features:
  • Added support for structured JSON exceptions in Elasticsearch 2.0
  • Added support for plugins
  • Added Search::Elasticsearch::Client::2_0::Direct for the upcoming Elasticsearch 2.0 with these changes:
    • removed delete_by_query()
    • removed termvector()
    • removed indices.delete_mapping()
    • removed nodes.shutdown()
    • removed indices.status()
    • added terminate_after param to search()
    • added dfs param to termvectors()
    • removed filter_keys param from indices.clear_cache()
    • removed full param from indices.flush()
    • removed force param from indics.optmize()
    • removed replication param from all CRUD methods
    • removed mlt() method
  • Bug fix:
  • The bulk buffer was being cleared on a NoNodes exception
  • Added class: Added methods:
  • field_stats()
  • Added params:
  • allow_no_indices, expand_wildcards, ignore_unavailable to cluster.state()
  • fielddata_fields to search()
  • master_timeout to indices.get_template() and indices.exists_template()
  • detect_noop to update()
  • only_ancient_segments to upgrade()
  • analyze_wildcards, analyzer, default_operator, df, lenient, lowercase_expanded_terms, and q to count(), search_exists() and indices.validate_query()
  • Removed methods:
  • benchmark.* - never released in Elasticsearch
  • Also:
  • arrays of enum query string params are now flattened as CSV
  • enum expand_wildcards also accepts: none, all
  • Search::Elasticsearch is no longer a Moo class
  • Updated elasticsearch.org URLs to use elastic.co instead
  • the request body is retained in exceptions
  • upgraded Hijk to 0.20