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Changes for version

  • Changes contributed by Val Rosca, updated by Andreas Marienborg
    • Wrap MatchSpy and ValueCountMatchSpy classes
    • Wrap Enquire's add_matchspy and clear_matchspies methods, keeping track of references to Perl MatchSpy objects to avoid leaks.
    • t/facets.t
  • Changes contributed by Olly Betts
    • Fix infinite loop trying to build with CPANPLUS (fixes #692, reported by Andreas Vögele).
    • t/termgenerator.t: If a memory leak is detected, report how many objects were allocated before and after the test.
    • Allow for "_gitN" tag on snapshots when checking for version compatibility with xapian-core.
    • META.yml: Fix specified licence to be a valid name ('perl' instead of 'perl_5').
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