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Jakob Voß
seealso - command line client to query SeeAlso services
SeeAlso::Client - SeeAlso Linkserver Protocol Client
SeeAlso::DBI - Store SeeAlso::Response objects in database.
SeeAlso::Identifier - Controlled identifier that can be normalized and hashed
SeeAlso::Identifier::Factory - Identify and create identifiers
SeeAlso::Identifier::GND - Identifier of the GND Authority File
SeeAlso::Identifier::ISBN - International Standard Book Number as Identifier
SeeAlso::Identifier::ISIL - International Standard Identifier for Libraries and Related Organisations
SeeAlso::Logger - log requests to a SeeAlso Simple service
SeeAlso::Response - SeeAlso Simple Response
SeeAlso::Server - SeeAlso Linkserver Protocol Server
SeeAlso::Source - Provides OpenSearch Suggestions reponses
Changes for version 0.71

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