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Daisuke Maki
Senna - Perl Interface To Senna Fulltext Search Engine
Senna::Constants - Constant Values In libsenna
Senna::Index - Interface to Senna's Index
Senna::OptArg::Select - Wrapper Around sen_select_optarg
Senna::OptArg::Sort - Wrapper Around sen_sort_optarg
Senna::Query - Wrapper Around sen_query
Senna::RC - Wrapper for sen_rc
Senna::Record - Senna Search Record
Senna::Records - Wrapper for sen_records Data Type
Senna::Set - Wrapper Around sen_set
Senna::Snippet - Wrapper Around sen_snip
Senna::Symbol - Wrapper Around sen_sym
Senna::Values - Wrapper Around sen_values
Changes for version 0.51
    • More docs.
    • Typo reported by Jun Kuriyama
    • Work with Senna >= 1.0.0

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