=head2 per-subscription nomail

Currently this happens per users, which is too coarse.

=head2 configure/install

=head3 asking questions

perl Build.PL needs to grab more answers out of the existing
Siesta::Config and from the user to put into the new one (generated
from Config.pm.in)

=head3 listening to the answers

=head2 Web interface

=head3 setting prefs - constrained input based on type field

=head2 Integration with Mariachi

password-protected archives should be easy via the mod_perl handler

=head2 Plugin::NNTP

one side effect of moving from Mail::Internet is that the NNTP send
code will have to grow a few extra lines to invoke Net::NNTP directly.

This and the need for a nntp->siesta gateway[0] has made me split this
out into a seperate distribution.

[0] http://london.pm.org/pipermail/london.pm/Week-of-Mon-20030324/017970.html

=head2 List control

Only allow list.owner to modify a list - only Siesta::Web enforces this.

In future it may be an idea to allow multiple owners per list

=head2 Tests for bandito

This will need a dummy Mailman config.db to test against.

=head2  Import utilities

Extend I<bandito> to also steal configs from ...
	* majordomo
	* ezmlm

=head2  Domo plugin - remote adminstration tasks

Do a plugin that emulates the Majordomo command set.


=head2 Digests

One plan is this:


=head2 Revisit bounce handling (VERP stuff)

Nicholas Clark wants to look at this

=head2 Archiving

Archive.pm should also embed optionally embed a url where the 
message is archived.

=head2 Better install

Maybe. This might just mean providing .debs/.rpms/ports etc etc

=head2 hook into Exim

Like wot Mailman does

=head2 tequila daemon

A long running tequila process