package Sisimai::Reason::OnHold;
use feature ':5.10';
use strict;
use warnings;

sub text  { 'onhold' }
sub description { 'Sisimai could not decided the reason due to there is no (or less) detailed information for judging the reason' }
sub match {
    # Try to match that the given text and regular expressions
    # @param    [String] argv1  String to be matched with regular expressions
    # @return   [Integer]       0: Did not match
    #                           1: Matched
    # @since v4.0.0
    return 0;

sub true  {
    # On hold, Could not decide the bounce reason...
    # @param    [Sisimai::Data] argvs   Object to be detected the reason
    # @return   [Integer]               1: Status code is "onhold"
    #                                   0: is not "onhold"
    # @since v4.1.28
    # @see
    my $class = shift;
    my $argvs = shift // return undef;

    return undef unless $argvs->deliverystatus;
    return 1 if $argvs->reason eq 'onhold';
    return 1 if (Sisimai::SMTP::Status->name($argvs->deliverystatus) || '') eq 'onhold';
    return 0


=encoding utf-8

=head1 NAME

Sisimai::Reason::OnHold - Bounce reason is C<onhold> or not.


    use Sisimai::Reason::OnHold;
    print Sisimai::Reason::OnHold->match; # 0


Sisimai::Reason::OnHold checks the bounce reason is C<onhold> or not. This class
is called only Sisimai::Reason class.

Sisimai will set C<onhold> to the reason of email bounce if there is no (or
less) detailed information about email bounce for judging the reason.


=head2 C<B<text()>>

C<text()> returns string: C<onhold>.

    print Sisimai::Reason::OnHold->text;  # onhold

=head2 C<B<match(I<string>)>>

C<match()> returns 1 if the argument matched with patterns defined in this class.

    print Sisimai::Reason::OnHold->match; # 0;

=head2 C<B<true(I<Sisimai::Data>)>>

C<true()> returns 1 if the bounce reason is C<onhold>. The argument must be
Sisimai::Data object and this method is called only from Sisimai::Reason class.

=head1 AUTHOR



Copyright (C) 2014-2016,2018 azumakuniyuki, All rights reserved.

=head1 LICENSE

This software is distributed under The BSD 2-Clause License.