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Changes for version 0.17

  • Fix some modules internal calls to be compliant with the new API (Base.pm,MD5.pm, etc.)
  • Add the Slackware::Slackget::List tests to the MANIFEST to include it in the archive...
  • Implements the Slackware::Slackget::GPG->import_key() method
  • Add the followings methods to Slackware::Slackget::GPG : list_keys(), list_sigs(), key_info(), sig_info().
  • Removed all the _send_info() part in Slackware::Slackget::PkgTools.
  • Change Slackware::Slackget::Package::to_string() behavior to generate a Slackware's PACKAGES.TXT compatible string.
  • Add method to simply add dependencies when generating a package.
  • Fix the Slackware::Slackget::Package : now generate all dependencies data structure while parsing PACKAGES.TXT files.
  • Modify the to_string() method from Slackware::Slackget::List to allow a subclass to write its own to_string() method.
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