Jason W. May

Changes for version 0.4

  • sqm: Default logging off.
  • t/04yaml.t: Same as test 01 with YAML for serialization.
  • Queue/: Sender.pm, Worker.pm: Allow for override of serialization options in Session::Queue::Sender->new(). Anything supported by Data::Serializer will work.
  • Makefile.PL: Updated dependency for Spread::Session to 0.3
  • Implemented ack for verifying that a Worker received the request.
  • Multiple Senders will all share the same Spread::Session
  • new test cases
  • Log::Channel config file
  • internal statistics collected by sqm; Sender method to retrieve stats from sqm; timestamping queue entries for stats
  • sqm verbose logging should hide FIFO logging at level 1
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  • Spread::Queue - One-of-many queued messaging delivery, using Spread