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Jesse Luehrs
and 2 contributors
  • Jason
  • skaufman
spreadsheet_to_template - create a basic template file from a spreadsheet
template_to_spreadsheet - render a template into a spreadsheet
Spreadsheet::Template - generate spreadsheets from a template
Spreadsheet::Template::Generator - create new templates from existing spreadsheets
Spreadsheet::Template::Generator::Parser - role for classes which parse an existing spreadsheet
Spreadsheet::Template::Processor - role for classes which preprocess a template file before rendering
Spreadsheet::Template::Processor::Identity - render a template file with no processing at all
Spreadsheet::Template::Processor::Xslate - preprocess templates with Xslate
Spreadsheet::Template::Writer - role for classes which write spreadsheet files from a template
Spreadsheet::Template::Writer::XLSX - generate XLSX files from templates
Changes for version 0.03
    • fix default color handling to line up with changes in Spreadsheet::ParseExcel and Spreadsheet::ParseXLSX (edibleenergy, #3, #4)

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